Esposto Gino

project management, concept, coding, sound engineering and CEO of 1973 born in ancona, italy 1974 moved to zuerich, switzerland 1983 - 1987 first contact to computers (Commodore VC-20, Commodore C=64, programming in BASIC and Assembler) 1991 - 1993 sound studies in manchester, uk several live acts with the band "supersex" in manchester and london together with ex. etoy.AGENT marky goldstein. 1994 - 1999 co-founder of the famose internet streetgang etoy (winner of the prix ars electronica 1996). early internet researches, concept and realisation of the etoy.CORPORATE-IDENTITY and etoy.CORPORATE-SOUND as etoy.CARL. some etoy.SOUND-PRODUCTIONS: - the netbomb (1995) - digital hijack (1996) - etoy.DISCO-TANK (ars electronica 1996) - leaving reality behind (1997) - fighting for fashion (1998) - etoy.TIMEZONE (1998) 1999 concept and realisation of the "microstation" for the computer game exibition "game over", museum fuer gestaltung in zurich, together with zorlac 1999 concept and realisation of "", release V1.0 in august 1999. 1999 / 2000 several live acts with sound material in switzerland and austria (soho in basel, viper99 in luzern, ubermorgen-event in vienna)